Uganda Agriculture Insurance Scheme

The Continuing Agricultural Education Center(CAEC), Kabanyolo today the 28th August has an on going 1 day workshop by the Uganda Agricultural Insurance Scheme(UAIS) comprising of both large scale and small scale farmers from different districts all over the country that is to say;Dokolo, Butaleja, Jinja, Kamuli, Lira, Gulu, Apac, Mukono, Isingiro, Oyam, Mityana, Nakaseke, Arua and Iganga. It is being cordinated by; Daniel Ninsiima, Samuel Muwawa of M-OMULIMISA that is a mobile and web-based platform that enables farmers to exchange information with extention officers in their local languages for free. The platform intergrates human mediation and text messaging to create a mobile and web-based consultation space in partnership with SESEKAWA GLOBAL 2000 and AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE CONSORTIUM.

The Uganda Agriculture Insurance Scheme(UAIS) is a public partnership between the government of Uganda and farmers aimed at protecting the farmers from financial losses due to damage and destruction of their crops and livestock resulting from; Fire, drought, lightening, earthquake, explosions, uncontrollable pests and diseases, hailstorm, landslides, windstorm, malicious damage and flooding. The Uganda Agriculure Insurance Scheme(UAIS) has a coalition of ten insurance companies that was setup to provide agriculture insurance know as Agro Consrtium.

The purpose of the scheme aims at protecting the Uganda farmer against effects of agricultural production risks. Small scale farmers may come together and form groups whereas large scale farmers may join the scheme as individuals.

The scheme covers crops like coffee, cotton, tea, maize, beans, millet, rice, banana, barley, irish potatoes, cassava, oil seeds, tea, friut trees, horticulture, vegetables and cocoa. Under animals the scheme covers cattle, poultry,pisg and fish. To add on, the scheme does not cover the following;

  • Crops that have been harvested.
  • Crops being transported.
  • Crops which have been harvested before inspection by our loss assessors.
  • Where recognised good farming and harvesting practices have not been followed.
  • Loss or damage to crops by controllable diseases, weeds and insect infestations.

Now that the scheme is a public partnership between the government and the farmers, the government has availed five million uganda shillings(5,000,000ugx) to subsidize the insurance premiums payable by farmers. The government pays 30% of the basic premium for large scale farmers and 50% for small scale farmers.

Pictorial  :A group photo of the small and large farmers at CAEC.
Pictorial: Daniel Ninsima facilitating the workshop about Uganda Agricultural Insurance Scheme(UAIS) at CAEC.


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