Training for Professional Apiary Masters.

The theoretical component of the training is being conducted at the Continuing Center for Agricultural Education (CAEC) -Kabanyolo for two weeks (11th November 2019 to 23rd November 2019). During these two weeks, the trainees will be trained by experts from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries and private enterprises  in the apicultural value chain in Uganda. The theoretical training will specifically cover the following thematic areas;

  • Introductory bee biology  and bee keeping,
  • Bee keeping equipment,
  • Setting up, colonizing and managaging apiaries,
  • Preventing and managing pests, predators and diseases in apiaries,
  • Harvesting  and postharvest handling of bee products,
  • Processing honey and bees wax and
  • Basic entrepreneurship.

The training which aims at producing professional and competent apiary masters that can offer quality  and customized technical support to commercial bee keepers for optimal productivity and profitability of their enterprises in Uganda is part of project implemented by The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organization (TUNADO) with financial support from NORAD, Wood en DaaD,  Oxfam and Trias. The training is organized by World of Bees and coordinated by Dr. Narisi Mubangizi on behalf of TUNADO.

The trainees were selected through a systematic rigourous and objective process of interviews that aimed at identifying those those with the prerequisite knowledge and experience in different aspects of the apicultural value chain. In total, there are 33 trainees (26 Males & 07 females) from allover Uganda. The trainees are all aged 20-27 years and possess formal qualifications and working experience generally related to apicultural value chain. 

The practical component of the training will come immediately after the theory and will involve the trainees being attached to apicultural enterprises allover Uganda. The trainees will spend two weeks in the apicultural enterprises of attachment during which they will have hands-on experience with all the aspects covered in theory. During the period of attachment the trainees will be under the direct supervision of the technical persons in the enterprises of attachment. Additionally, experts from TUNADO and partner agencies will also conduct on-spot field visits to each of the trainees. During the on-spot field visits, the trainees will be assessed in terms of whether and how well they will have mastered the skills related to planning, setting up and managing apiaries as well as harvesting and postharvest handling of bee products. The trainees will then be interviewed (theoretically and practically) prior to their commissioning and subsequent appointment as professional apiary masters.

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