The Continuing Agricultural Education Center (CAEC) is one of the eight departments of the former Faculty of Agriculture. The center was conceived in 1993 as a project with joint funding from The World Bank and Government of Uganda under the Agricultural Research and Training Project (ARTP) through the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO).

In February 2002, Makerere University Council institutionalized it as a University unit. Now as a university institution, CAEC conducts training and outreach for the Faculty of Agriculture, Makerere University.


VISION: “To be a leading center in providing client-responsive, training, and services for development of agriculture and agro-industry for poverty alleviation”

MISSION: “To enhance the capacity professionals and practitioners, disseminate knowledge and technologies for sustainable development of Agricultural and agro-industrial sectors”


We organize, conduct and host short courses, seminars, conferences and workshops at a cost effective fee on demand driven basis. CAEC facilities are also suitable for other activities such as retreat, wedding reception, camps, graduation parties, cocktail parties and meetings.