The St.Francis Chapel Makerere has been hosted by CAEC, Kabanyolo for a two today’s event that starts on Saturday 13th and ends on Sunday 14th over a retreat for sunday school teachers from Makerere who have come to be trained on how to preach to the little children the word of GOD ranging with ages from 0-3, 4-5,6-7,8-9,10 and above with a theme “HEART FOR MINISTRY” being facililated by Rev.Henry from St.Francis chapel Makerere. The team leader of the retreat had a say ‘that for one to be a good sunday school teacher, he/she is expected to be a “Born Again”, undergo specific trainings on how to handle different kinds of children and at different ages, basically as sunday school teachers, there must be team work among them for better ministry.

Pictorial: Sharon and Landi in a session during the retreat.

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