Orientation of Incoming Students in Makerere University’s Regional Programme For Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems and PhD in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

It all began in 2008 as Makerere University’s Regional PhD and MSc programme for plant breeders, assisted by AGRA & RUFORM managed to train students from 20 African countries in a total of 181 who graduated with PhD and MSc and have excelled in international caliber of PhD programs. Virtually, all graduates are vbeing employed in the national crop improvement in their home countries and all are highly successful and strongly commended in their places of work.

The Continuing Agricultural Education( CenterCAEC) has hosted the ORIENTATION OF INCOMING STUDENTS in a two(2) days even that is taking place from 10th-11th September at the conference hall in Kabanyolo. The graduants are expected to research on biotech services, seed testing, disease identification, in-service training and so on. The team comprises of students from seven(7) countries in Africa ie; Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, DRC, and Uganda being cordinated by Dr. Richard Edema and Prof. Paul Gibson. The funding of the above orientation has been taken up World Bank(African Centers of Excellency), S.2 Project, Intra-Africa,Next Gene and individual sponsorships.

The graduate training has been based on the objective of producing graduates who have sufficient theoretical understanding and practical skills to develop and effectively manage variety delievery programs, and who have developed skills in self-directed, life long learning that will enable them to continously incorporate the most recent technical developments in their breeding programs. The students are expected to research on crops and breeding issues relevant to regional food security joint with NARO and CGIAR centers. The crops to be researched about by the oriented students include; Sorghum, Cowpea, Cassava, Maize, Rice, Sweet potatoes, Soyabeans, Finger Millet Barley, Banana, Wheat, Pigeon pea, Mung Bean, Peppers, Napier.



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