Intergrated Production and Pest and Disease Management(IPPM) Closing Ceremony.

Today 23rd, Friday marks the end of the Intergrated Production and Pest and Disease Management training of extension workers which involved 72 participants from 24 districts having a District Agricultural Officer and two Agricultural Officers from each district making it (3) participants.

Participants were thanked and applauded for their positive response and participation during the course of the training and they were cautioned to put what had been shared with them into practice and in case of failure to implement the activities, they can contact the cordinators for the rightful procedures about the various steps about Pest and Disease Management.

The ceremony was closed by the commissioner of MAAIF Dr. Patience who had his remarks laid down saying the main aim of the training was to start up a fuctional system, strategies, values,staff and management style. Put in place were an institution and management systems that help in the guidance on how to deliever standard services for extention workers and alsoo to enable people to accomplish their tasks without any disturbances.

Lastly, he thanked the participants for being attentive during both his speech and the training in general.

Pictorial: Participants visit the risce section.

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