Curriculum Validation Workshop for Agro Forestry and Extension

The Continuing Agricultural Education Center(CAEC) has hosted a two days workshop from 24th-25th at the conference hall. The purpose of the workshop was to validate the evaluations of the agro forestry and extension content curriculam which was conducted earlier this year and as well to develop relevant content needed to enhance/incorporatethe agro forestry into the existing curriculum of different institutions including Makerere University, Bukalasa Agricultural College, Busitema University, Ndejje University, Uganda Martyrs University, Busoga University and Gulu University among others. There are also technical resource persons from ICRAF (INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN AGRO FORESTRY), NaFORRI (NATIONAL FORESTRY RESOURCES RESEARCH INSTITUTE), and MPA Uganda. The aim is to equip students with knowledge on agro forestry so that they are able to teach communities in the attempt/struggle to promote agro forestry for increased food production and security among livelihoods. Representatives from all these universities have attended the workshop.

ABOUT THE PROJECT;- Developing intergrated options and accelerate scaling up of agro forestry for improved food security and resilient livelihoods in East Africa -Trees for food security.

AIM; To improve food security and smallholder livelihoods through the widespread adoption of appropriate locally adapted agro forestry practices in key agricultural landscapes in Ethopia, Rwanda and Uganda.


  • To enhance knowledge of the impact of tree cover change on crop productivity, water, nutrients and livehoods(30%).
  • To integrate appropriate water management technologies and sustainable grazing options with promotion of agro forestry(15%)
  • To establish communities of practice in the promotion of locally adaptable agro forestry options supported by appropriate inputs system(20%).
  • To strengthen smallholders and other market actor’s ability to participate efficiently and profitably in tree product value chains(20%).
  • Strengthen capacityof academic institutions in developing and implementing innovative agroforestry curricula(15%).

    Pictorial: Dr.Narisi Mubangizi taking the farmers through a session.

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