CURAD- SWISSCONTACT National Agribusiness Challenge Trainng

The Cultural Agricultural Education Center(CAEC) is hosting a two days training(18th-19th October) of enterpreneurs(100 members) between the age of(18-35years) from CURAD with the aim of “Accelerating Agri-business Innovation Beyond Incubation”. CURAD is a consortium enhancing university responsiveness to agrobusiness development which has an incubation center for the youth and entrepreneurs and farmers of both large and small scale levels. The consortium conducts trainings and helps in marketing of the entrepreneur ideas through modeling them, funding of various projects especially when it comes to pasture,they also have factories of coffee and fruits. For one to attain the above training, there is always a recruitment of enterpreneurs that is being done and business ideas are got from it. The Client Development Officer(CDO) Mr.Brian advertises about the challenge and those that are shortlisted are being called and given the training on how to pich. During the event of piching, there are judges that are invited to checkout the best applicants with innovative agribusiness ideas and these are awarded in categories of winner, 1st and 2nd runners up of which they are given seed capital to start up the business. After starting the business, one will have been trained on how to do marketing of their products on different social media platforms like facebook, website, twitter and so on. Other basic awards are also given in categories of;

  • Best start-up enterprises using ICT
  • Best new coffee product
  • Best new coffee trade ideas
  • Best climate smart enterprise
  • Best coffee farmer group
  • Best student enterprise
  • Best horticulture farmer group
  • Best established enterprise
Pictorial: Enterpreneurs attending a training about marketing ideas on social media platforms.

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