Closing Ceremony of Trainings on sustainable land management

PICTORIAL: Awarding of certificates to the participants by the commissioner.

The first three(3) trainings  of Extension staff from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and fisheries together with extension land management that took place at CAEC, Kabanyolo went on successfully with the participants from the different regions recieving  their certificates of participation being issued by commissioner Rwamigisa Patience from Makerere University.Some of what was discussed about like overview of sustainable land management in Uganda, intergrated soil fertility management packages, technologies for sustainable nutrient management, agricultural waste management, technologies for water and soil conservation, applications of intergrated watershed management approach in sustainable land management, application of agroforestry technologies and practices in sustainable land management, field assessment of land degradation, field work within MUARIK and farm planning for sustainable land mangement.

A vote of thanks goes to the facilitators who gave in their time fully during the trainings that took place for about 5weeks and also an appreciaton to the participants who participated in the trainings and were able to stay in the conducive enviroments of CAEC including all the services being provided to them.


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