Entrepreneurship Training for Young Entrepreneurs In Uganda

Appropriate Technology based Entrepreneurship Training(ATET) is a joint workshop organised by Kumi University and Makerere University College for Agriculture with support from Handong Global University(HGU) from South Korea. This is the fifth training conducted by HGU in Uganda since 2016. The program is part of the start-ups item development and technology support project of the UNESCO UNITWIN(Global Network of Universities for Sustainable Devellopment). Handong Global University is a chair University of UNESCO UniTwinthat has been hosted at the Continuing Agricultural Education Center in Kabanyolo for a 4 days training about entrepreneurship in Uganda with a total number of 60 participants from different Universities like Kumi University, Makerere University College of Agriculture and African Inland Church(AIC) and its core objective is to plant entrepreneurship mindset among the youths, students,pastors and leaders of the community based organisations(CBOs) with skills to create opportunities for themselves through start-ups based on appropriate technology. The workshop will nurture and support start-up teams so that they develop practical businesses which are sustainable and will also develop and improve technology based products through mentorship.The participants as well have been trained on how to be innovative, be creative and the ability to use appropriate techniques, problem identification before starting a business, change of mindset most especially negativity and the thought of saying that businesses are all taken, taking field tours or finding out what is on market and what needs to be improved according to one’s capacity, doing market surveys and research as well as analysis.

Different groups have taken up different business ideas mostly dealing in crop and animal production and are expected to offer their best during the training session because the best participants are being awarded at the end of the training. The following are the ideas that the participants came up with making cocktail juice with only honey minus sugar, making products from friutsand vegetables, charcoal briquette making, natural honey production, composed manure making from animal and crop residue, poultry farming, mushroom production and diary production. The people inolved are institutional leaders like Dr. Young Gil Lee, the Vice Chancellor of Kumi University and Prof. Baasaasha, the Principal Makerere University College of Agriculture and Enviromental Science and the team (Dr. Obaa Bernard and Mr. Obure Edward).

PICTORIAL: Issuing of certificates and awards to the best enterprising groups of youth by the Principal of the College.
PICTORIAL: Young entrepreneurs on a practical session during the training.

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